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Greetings.  I am Don Allen and I am a life long Californian. My Wife Sharon and I moved to San Luis Obispo in 1984 where we raised our two daughters in the community that we love.  StateOne Insurance has operated in the same location for 26 years.  In 1994, the concept of the one stop financial shop was born.  We purchased our building in 2000 and we currently are licensed in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and South Carolina. For Over 3 decades, StateOne has never had a down year.  The company continues to grow mostly from referrals from our existing customers.  We have been blessed.

When people ask us what services we offer, the answer is usually....everything from Auto, Home, Business, Commercial Auto, Health, and Workman's Comp insurance to Life and Annuities as well.  Specialty insurance includes Renters, Earthquake, Flood, Umbrella, Jewelry, and more.   

Our slogans try to tell folks what type of insurance company we are.  As an Independent Insurance Agency, we have a stable of insurance companies available to take care of our clients needs.  We have grown so much that this year StateOne Of California was born.

We shop the internet so you don't have to

Let Insurance Companies compete over you

We don't work for an insurance company, we work for you

We are a Family run business giving home town service and we proudly display our Company Motto above the Fireplace in our office.  

Do Good Deeds

Think Good Thoughts

and Help Others

Shower the People You Love 

With Love

Show Them How You Feel


* Peace *

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Don is the Navy Seal of the insurance industry and will fight for you, even if he has to swim. His special forces will go the extra mile to accomplish your goals and declare mission accomplished. He has your 6. So let insurance companies compete over you, and Call Don Allen.
Admiral McCarthy


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